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Come meet these wonderful cats and find the love of your life.  For additional information please call our volunteer at 871-2388.
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Mamacita is about 10 months old, spayed, current on her vaccines, neat in a litter box and kind to furniture-- she loves her scratching post. She was a teenage single mom with 6 kittens when she was rescued from a trailer park in July. She was such a fierce protector of her kittens we thought she might be feral and we had to separate her from them so they could learn to enjoy people and other animals and find good homes.



In the 4 months Mamacita has lived in a foster home she's become more trusting, although she will hide when anyone new enters the house. She allows petting but is very reluctant to be picked up and held. She loves to supervise her people as they work around the house and chooses to nap where she can enjoy their presence. She does well with cats of all ages and with a large, cat savvy dog. She probably would do best in a quiet home with older adults.


Call 892-7387 for more information and to meet Mamacita.



Louise is four-five years old. Louise would do fine as an indoor/outdoor cat. She does need to be an only cat. Her original family adopted Louise as a kitten, but recently they got a new kitten and Louise did not like the newcomer. So, her people gave Louise away and kept the kitten, which was extremely unfair to Louise.


We hope she finds a home with people who will be loyal to her playful, independent spirit.


Louise would do well as a house cat that enjoys going outside, or as a shop cat, and possibly a barn cat provided the barn situation is very nice and has a heated bed and water and people who would spend time with her and give her attention.


Please call 892-7387 for more information and to meet Louise.

The Task Force almost always has rescued dogs who need forever homes. Our volunteers foster these dogs until suitable homes are found for them. For information about the dogs currently in foster care call Terry at 892-1100.