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Task Force
Foster Animals Seeking
A Forever Home

Please call the number listed below
to request an appointment
to meet our foster animals
and visit us on Facebook.

All animals listed for adoption are

spayed or neutered and vaccinated.


Sweetie was abandoned and has become a "community cat." Sweetie loves attention and appreciates being fed. This kitty is very friendly and often comes for some petting even before eating the food.

This very nice cat deserves a real home and we hope to find just the right family. This beautiful tiger kitty will be spayed or neutered and vaccinated before being adopted. Sweetie looks to be a young, a couple of years old. Sweetie will make someone very happy and shower them with love.





Come meet wonderful cats and find the love of your life. For additional info and to find out what cats are available and to schedule a meet and greet please call us at (406) 892-7387.

We also have "barn cats" available to homes that will supply food, water and adequate shelter. Except for the rare exception these cats must be adopted in pairs.

Visit the Task Force Facebook page to see some of the animals available for adoption.
Also check out our page on Montana Pets on the Net to see some of the animals seeking forever homes.

The Task Force almost always has rescued dogs who need forever homes. Our volunteers foster these dogs until suitable homes are found for them. For information about the dogs currently in foster care call Terry at (406) 892-1100.